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Rain on Tea Leaf

Rain on Tea Leaf

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A quiet day with a book and a cup of tea

Our Rain on Tea Leaf sachet will remind you of sun rays permeating clouds on a rainy day over a tea farm. As the raindrops roll off the tea leaves, they pick up the natural aromas of the camelia sinensis, or the tea plant. The blend of green tea leaves and a hint of peppery plai radiate citrus undertones to create a clean and crisp scent, finishing off with aquatic notes of water and ozone accord.

Scent Family: Green Aquatic

Mood: Fresh, Light

Scent Profile

Top: Ozone
Middle: Greentea
Base: Plai, Aqua


Turkish volcanic stone, illicium verum fruit, cinnamomum verum bark, piper nigrum, cymbopogon citratus leaf, fragrance

Directions for use

  • Designed for use in small spaces such as wardrobes, bathrooms, bags, luggages, drawers, cabinets, and cars.
  • To preserve the fragrance, store at room temperature and do not expose the sachet to sunlight. 


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