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Litchi Cinnamon

Litchi Cinnamon

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The Dance of Sunlit Fruits and Cozy Spices.

A journey through the seasons comes alive with Litchi Cinnamon. Winter's embrace is felt with the comforting warmth of spices and vanilla, reminiscent of gingerbread and chai lattes by a crackling fireplace. Yet, as the tale unfolds, summer whispers its presence with the sun-kissed flavors of litchi and peach, evoking memories of delightful fruit pies. Infused with a touch of oriental charm, this scent unites winter's coziness with summer's sweetness, crafting an all-season symphony.

Scent Family: Spicy Fruity

Mood: Warm, Inspiring

Scent Profile

Top: Peach, Litchi
Middle: Pepper, Cinnamon
Base: Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Timber Wood


Turkish volcanic stone, illicium verum fruit, cinnamomum verum bark, piper nigrum, cymbopogon citratus leaf, fragrance

Directions for use

  • Designed for use in small spaces such as wardrobes, bathrooms, bags, luggages, drawers, cabinets, and cars.
  • To preserve the fragrance, store at room temperature and do not expose the sachet to sunlight. 


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